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06-08-12 : Webinar ~ FREE
Where next for apprenticeships? - sponsored by Tribal

08-08-12 : York ~ afternoon workshop
Preparing for Funding Audit

29-08-12 : London ~ afternoon workshop
Preparing for Funding Audit

10-10-12 : London ~ Book early
Autumn FE Data Conference

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Sub-contracting toolkit v2

This toolkit has been supported by the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) and published by the Association of Learning Providers' (ALP) for a 20 December 2010 conference on Maximum Contract Values (MCL).

It has been written by Nick Linford from Lsect, and will be updated as the MCL policy develops.

Comments and suggestions for future revisions should be emailed to

Right click here or on the image below to download the toolkit.

There is also a launch presentation here.

Changes from version 1

~ Updated carry-in policy at the top of page 4
~ Updated ACTOR paragraph on page 10

Email: ">


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